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Beginners' Courses in Year 2024 (ACT)

  • Tues 6 Feb to 11 Apr 2024
  • Tues 30 Apr to 4 Jul 2024
  • Tues 23 Jul to 26 Sep 2024
  • Tues 15 Oct to 19 Dec 2024

    Would you like to improve your health in a holistic way?  Or build your strength and stamina?
    Or do you need a change from the gym?  Or supplement your existing training regime? 
    Or are you unwell and would like to regain your health?  Or do you simply want to de-stress? 
    Try Wu Dao Gong!  You will find this a rewarding system.

    10 Week Course (ACT) - Tuesday 23 July to 26 Sept

    Bookings are not necessary.
    For Beginners, the first lesson is obligation free.  Wear comfortable clothing and flat soled shoes.

    Beginners' class is held in the following location throughout the course.

    Forrest : Tues 5.30pm to 7pm - begins 23 July
    Wesley Centre Gym
    corner National Circt & Fitzroy St
    behind the Rydges Hotel

    10-week course : $245- (GST included)
    Ages 14 to 17    : $185- (GST included)
    We welcome payment by cash, credit card (M/C, visa, Amex) and debit card.

    Once enrolled, you are welcome to attend the bonus Push Hands sessions throughout the term (25 July to 26 September).  These sessions complement the Tuesday classes.
    Thursday 6pm to 7pm (short warm-up followed by Push Hands)
    St. Vincent's Primary School Blue Area, Bindel St, Aranda.
    Enter via the Hall

Personal Training

For personal training with Chief Instructor Brett Wagland, please email or phone us for appointment.  Allow one hour fifteen minutes.  Wear comfortable clothing and flat soled shoes.