Young Dragons' Kung Fu

for boys and girls, ages 8 to 13

Building confidence, resilience, skills, discipline, awareness and respect


8 Week Course - register your interest by email

Wesley Centre Gym, Forrest
behind the Rydges Hotel, corner National Circuit & Fitzroy Street

Fees : $140- (GST included)

First Lesson Obligation Free

We welcome payment by cash, cheque or credit card – M/C, visa, Amex.

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In traditional Chinese culture, the dragon represents transformation.  It is said that once a carp fish swam up stream until it came to a high impasse.  It was very determined and after many attempts, it managed to jump over the impasse.  As it descended down the other side, it was transformed into a dragon.  The ability to transform ourselves, to go beyond our perceived limits is what training in this system is ultimately about.  Becoming happier, more resilient and more confident individuals is a treasure to ourselves and others. 

Young dragons stretching

Training in traditional Chinese martial arts is something special that will have a profound effect on your child’s physical, mental and emotional development.  The traditional arts are much more than just methods of fighting; they are skills for life. You learn about respecting yourself, others and the world around you.  These arts develop your children’s determination and perseverance.  They improve concentration and awareness.  Coordination and overall strength will be greatly enhanced.  Stamina and tenacity are also elevated.  By developing strength and knowing how to defend themselves, your children’s self-confidence and ability to deal with challenging situations will rise rapidly.  These arts have been evolving for thousands of years and have absorbed the best of human personal development in a unique way.  They have managed to blend physical training, Chinese philosophy and healing knowledge with military strategy and self-defence skills.  There is nothing quite like the depth and breadth of these ancient treasures.


Arm Circle Double


Laying a strong foundation on which all other skills develop, is an important aspect of this training.  This stage is about learning how to stand correctly and strengthen the lower body so that it is strong and flexible.  The untrained body is more like a mushroom.  In contrast, the trained body is more like a tree.  Strengthening the legs is a big part of laying the foundation.  Strong legs ensure that your children can move well and give the whole body strength and agility.  This will also enable their backs to be supple and healthy with good postural alignment.  This involves stance work, stretches, punches and kicks which they will learn to apply in self defence.  They will also be taught a form, that is, a set of movements that combines all of these elements.  They will learn to calm the mind and carry the body without tension.  These are all skills that will help them in everyday life as well as preparing for the higher levels of training.  With a solid foundation, they can learn many methods and be skilful.  With a poor foundation, the result will only be a shadow of the real thing.  Merely relying on techniques will not work in real life situations. Eventually, we want to develop a dragon body which is one that embodies the qualities of strength, flexibility and martial power.


Pumching Full

The course is designed to cater for ages between 8 to 13 years.  The requirements for students to meet are a willingness to participate, ability to follow instructions, to treat each other with respect, to attend class regularly and to do their best.

We have been conducting courses in Canberra for 20 years.  The Young Dragons' Kung Fu programme has been developed by Chief Instructor Brett Wagland. Brett has been teaching Tai Chi and internal arts full time in Canberra for 37 years.  Brett’s passion is to empower his students to reach new heights and to develop a healthier and happier community.


“It’s beneficial in building up my strength and I learn to use all parts of my body.  It’s much less stressful than other sports … and the teachers are really nice.”



"All of the Kung Fu lessons I attended were very fun-filled and well constructed.  Over the course of several months, I have greatly improved my technique and am always excited to learn something new.  Not only do I learn self-defence and how to use my whole body to its best when protecting myself, the atmosphere of the class is very enthusiastic.  I have opportunities to make more friends too through the lessons.  Overall, the course has a very relaxed and learn-at-your-own-pace vibe, great for helping a child learn."



“The teachers are all really nice and there’s a nice vibe in the hall.  I like Brett’s teaching manner – it makes me feel comfortable.  It’s different than other sports as it focuses on the whole body.  It’s fun.”