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Does Wu Dao Gong belong to the Internal Martial Arts family?

Submitted byseosami onWed, 09/27/2023 - 01:10
Internal Martial Arts

The more well-known internal martial arts are xingyi, tai chi, bagua and yiquan.  Wu Dao Gong, more closely related to xingyi, is an internal Chinese martial arts system which develops mind, body and spirit.  This kung fu has been refined and passed down for hundreds of years.  It is inspired by the rich philosophies of Buddhism and Taoism that teach balance and harmony.  

Combined with the ancient knowledge of Chinese medicine which promotes health and well-being, and the disciplines and skills of internal martial arts, Wu Dao Gong displays power, confidence and artistry.  All of these features make for a well rounded internal martial arts system of kung fu and personal growth – a way to live a healthier and happier life, bringing the spirit of optimism to everything we do.

The Wu Dao Gong kung fu training process teaches and develops an integrative strength, that is, you are taught to use the whole body – tendons, joints, muscles and mind – in a synergistic way.  This is essential in all internal martial arts, such as xingyi, tai chi, bagua and yiquan.  Without this, one does not have the necessary internal kung fu foundation in combat.

There are various stages of Wu Dao Gong internal martial arts training.  Students are encouraged to develop in a non-competitive step-by-step process.  Each stage builds on the previous one, training mindfulness to higher levels and fine tuning the nervous system.  This method produces deeper levels of satisfaction and well-being.

What does the name Wu Dao Gong mean? 
The word Wu refers to the inspiration we need to find in order to do well at any task in life. Dao means the way. In the context of the training, it means the methods and procedures we follow to change and develop the mind and body. Gong is the result of consistent quality effort over a period of time. To see and hear the Wu Dao Gong internal martial power, visit