Free Your Body & Experience the Flexibility & Power of the Dragon Elbow

2 Week course : 21, 22, 28 & 29 Jan 2020 - Tues & Wed  6.15pm to 7.45pm

Canberra College Gym
Launceston St, opposite Eddison Park
(formerly Phillip College), Woden

Fees : $150- (GST included)

We welcome payment by cash, cheque or credit card – M/C, visa, Amex.

Bookings are essential.
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This is the first time that the Academy will be teaching the Dragon Elbow.  It is a free flowing style of possible combinations of major elbow techniques.  The unusual feature of the training is that the arms are joined together at the wrists.  The body and the wrists are constantly moving.  This trains the body to become very fluid and to be able to generate power within a very short distance.  Like a dragon playing in the clouds, the body weaves and releases bursts of power via the elbow in different directions.  With the feet changing position continuously, you become very agile.  This becomes noticeable in the way you move in daily life.  
The elbow is one of the body’s most powerful natural weapons.  Everyone finds it easier to generate power through the elbow than the fist.  Once you have learnt to link the various elbow strikes while moving, you will find that you are developing a major weapon.  This is a useful and fun skill for anyone interested in martial art or greater health.  The Dragon Elbow embodies grace and power.
Training in Yang MianThe training will naturally loosen and strengthen your body, developing flexibility and a springiness in your joints, thus giving you greater freedom of movement.  It will stimulate the circulation of qi (energy) throughout the body.  You will feel a sense of contentment and inner power.  Your confidence will grow and you will become a positive influence within your community.
Dragon Elbow develops explosive power that eventually radiates from the body centre to the extremities.  The issuing of this power that you can feel and hear is called fa jin in Chinese and is the basis of all internal arts.  This training oxygenates the blood and pushes it throughout the body, leaving you feeling pumped and invigorated.  
As well as increasing suppleness, agility and strength, you will gain the added bonus of self defence skills.  The Dragon Elbow enables you to deal with grabs and locks and to be more prepared in a threatening situation.  Moving about with confidence in daily life is the first line of self defence.
Chief Instructor Brett Wagland has over 37 years of teaching experience in Tai Chi and internal martial arts.  Take this excellent opportunity to benefit from his expertise!  Start the new year with greater strength, flexibility and self confidence!